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733 461 444 (English customers) 

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Opatovická 18, Praha 1

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billiard & arcade games & board games



We love all kinds of games, thus we have decided we will offer you board games for rental - you can take them to park and play with your friends or you can take them home and play with your family. More details you can find at our new website, dedicated to board games: DESKA BAR.COM.


How does it work?

  1. Check out our selection of games available for rental.

  2. Make an inquiry or reservation - it is possible that the game you choose is currently rented out, so give us call to +420 733 461 444 or email to or simply come by to have a look.

  3. Pick your game at our location or we will deliver to you on selected days.

  4. Choose how long you want to rent for.

  5. Pick additional items – drinks and snacks.

  6. Pay and sign the rental agreement.

  7. Play your game, have fun, enjoy and  watch our tutorials on Youtube to easily understand all rules. 

  8. Once you done playing return the game as agreed on and borrow new game ;)

Which games can I rent?

Our list is expanding every day. These are games we offer so far. If your favorite game is not here, please let us know, we will look into that:


Bad people, EN

Bad people, red expansion, EN

Bears vs babies, EN

Bucket of Doom, EN

Cards against humanity, EN

Cards against humanity, blue box, EN

Cards against humanity, red box, EN

Cards against humanity, green box, EN

Desiatka, SK

Exploiding kittens, EN

Fame, EN

Mind the gap, EN

On a scale of one to Trex, EN

Taco vs Burrito, EN

Taco, kočka, koza, sýr pizza, CZ

These cards will get you drunk, EN

Think words, EN

Throw throw burrito, EN

Výbušná koťátka, CZ

Yahtzee, EN


Carcassonne. CZ

Carcassonne Safari, CZ

Carcassonne Star Wars, CZ

Carcassonne Zlatá horečka, CZ

Fronta, CZ

Game of trains, EN

Ice Cool 1. CZ

ice Cool 2, CZ

Ingenious, CZ

Jumanji, EN

Kamionem po Evrope, CZ

Karak, rozšíření Regent, CZ

Karak, CZ

Kartografove, CZ

Kingdomino, CZ

London board game, EN

Monopoly, EN

Monopoly Fortnite, EN

Monopoly LOL, EN

Mysterium, CZ

Na křídlech, CZ

Na křídlech, rozšíření perutě Evropy, CZ

Queendomino, CZ

Quoridor. CZ

Risk. EN

Robinson Crusoe, CZ

Sázky a dostihy, CZ

Scrabble, EN

Scrabble Art Deco, EN

Sequence, CZ

Tajuplná říše, CZ

Jízdenky prosím! Evropa. CZ


Carcassonne big box, CZ

Zug um zug, GE

Ticket to ride, EN


1989, CZ

7 Wonders, EN

Catan, CZ

Catan duel, CZ

Catan hvězdopravci, CZ

Catan noční hlídka, CZ

Catan Říše Inků, CZ

Catan rozšíření pro 5-6 hráčů, CZ

Chess, CZ

Citadela Času, CZ

Dead Men Tell No Tales, EN

Eldritch Horror, CZ

Ethnos, CZ

Fallout, CZ

Fallout, rozšíření nová Kalifornie, CZ

Grail, pád Avalonu, CZ/EN

Honba za prstenem, CZ

Hra o trůny, CZ

Hypergrid, EN

London, EN

Masters of renaissance, EN

Nový příběh civilizace, CZ

Othello. CZ

Pipeline, EN

První Marťané, CZ

Risk, EN

Risk God storm, EN

Risk  Game of Thrones, EN

Scythe, EN

Summoners wars, CZ

Tainted Grail, EN

Talisman, EN

Talisman, CZ

Talisman extension I, EN

Talisman extension II, EN

The war of mine, rozšíření příběh města sutin, CZ

Ubongo, honba za diamanty, CZ

War of the ring, EN

Watergate, EN

Welcome to your perfect home, EN


Ovocný salát, CZ

Parents vs kids, EN

Penguins on Ice, CZ

Rubiks, EN

Snakes & ladders travel addition, EN

Tajemný hrad, CZ

Tajná výprava čadodějů, CZ

Tři oříšky pro veverku, CZ

Tyrannosaurus REX, EN

plus several 1000 pieces puzzles.

How much and how long?

1 game rental for 2 days    199Czk

1 game rental for 2 days PLUS (includes 4 beers or 1 bottle of wine and choice of 3 snacks)     749 Czk*

*includes returnable wooden box, value 150 Czk

3 games rental for week     599Czk

3 games rental for week PLUS*  1199Czk*

includes 8 beers or 2 bottles of wine and choice of 5 snacks

*includes returnable wooden box, value 150 Czk



Deposit of 1000 Czk for rental.


Get to try new game each Friday! We deliver to you* or you can pick up at our location: each Friday you receive a new game to test, 1 bottle of wine or other beverage per your choice and 3 snacks. How awesome is that! 

All for 1699 Czk.

* Currently we only deliver in Prague and surrounding areas.


Which games I can borrow?

You can see the full list of games here. All games are available for rental, but some may be rented at the time of your inquiry, so please check with us first if the game is available.


For how long can I borrow a game?

You can borrow a game for 2 days or 1 week. 

Where can I borrow the games?

At our venue Prague Golf & Games, Opatovicka 18, Prague 1. Daily between 1 - 6 PM.

Why do I have to pay deposit?

In case the game gets damaged or in case you forget to return the game, you will be charged for the damage.


Are these games safe to play?

Yes, all games are safe to play. After each use every piece of the game is being disinfected and sanitized, so it is safe for the next player. If you or somebody  in your household don’t feel very well, please don’t rent our games as yet.

Why do I not see my favorite game on the list?

We have wide range of games, but we do not have every board game available (yet), so if you are missing your favorite game on our list, please let us know and we will see if we can add it to our list.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver in Prague area.


Can I order drinks and snacks with the delivery?

Yes, in fact we suggest you do, so you can enjoy your gaming night to the fullest. Let us know, which drinks and snacks you would like to order and we will deliver these with your game.

Can you help me to pick a game?

Yes, we can! Contact us via email or call us with your inquiries and we will help you to pick the best game for you.


If I like the game, can I buy it from you?

At this point, we do not sell board games.


Can I extend my rental?

Yes, if you enjoy your board game, you can upgrade to the next time slot if you apply before your rental is due to return. 

What happens if I will not return my game?

If you won’t return your game on time and won’t contact us, you will be charged late fee 100Kc a day. After 3 days, when we can’t get a hold of you and you won't contact us, we will have to charge you the full price of the game. 

What if the game gets damaged or missing a piece?

If a game is damaged or piece goes missing, you will be fully responsible for the damage. This includes but is not limited to damage by fire, flood, liquids, human and animal damage as well as missing piece.

Please see full list of terms and conditions.

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