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Do you like to go out with your colleagues? Are you a good team and enjoy spending time together?  Or do you not feel much like a team and could use a bit of motivation, few laughs and beer to lift the office or company spirit up?


Either or - we have solution for both types of teams: visit our entertainment center Prague Golf & Games and we will create event suiting your team so everybody will have fun and great memories.

Activities we offer for teambuilding and corporate events:


black light adventure mini golf - 19 holes of indoor mini golf in an UV light environment, which means everything glows! Everything that is UV painted - from lanes, putters, balls and awesome mural decorations to your own face as we also offer free use of UV face paint. 


arcade games - foosball, air hockey, stacker, flipper, boxer, hammer machine - plenty additional fun to test your skills and feel young again. For company events we can prepare credit of 500Kc or 1000Kc or more in 10Kc coins, so your team can freely enjoy playing all of the arcade games without trying to fish coins out of their pockets.


interactive photo booth - Magic Mirror is an interactive photo booth, that will be a great addition to your teambuilding or corporate party. Let your colleagues and friends make fun selfies using props, funny digital emojis and draw on their photos while they create memorable experience and fun keepsake. Prices start at 3000 Czk.

Drinks & food:

After all this you will probably get thirsty and maybe even hungry. We have wide variety of non alcoholic drinks from Kofola production, several kinds of Staropramen beer, Stella Artois, two flavors of Carling Cider and red and white wine available. All bottled, no tap beer.


As for bits and bites to snack on we can offer chips and chocolates or choice of two different catering menus.

Coffee and Riot bar, which is directly across the street, can prepare their famous quiche, sandwiches and small bites.

Hummus Princess catering services can prepare anything with or without hummus.

All options are delicious, fresh and made with love. If you think you will be hungry after playing all these games, please keep in mind that catered service is available only for private parties.

Hummus Princess Catering Menu

Coffee and Riot snacks Menu



Teambuilding for 20 - 30 players - 3 hours


  • 19 holes of black light adventure mini golf

  • 2 drinks each

  • 1000Kc credit for arcade games

  • free use of billiard and table games

  • interactive photo booth Magic Mirror

  • catering from Coffee and Riot including their famous quiche, mini sandwiches, salads and cake or catering from Hummus Princess including home-made mini burgers, mini schnitzels, pasta salads and chocolate hummus or Street Catering goodies.


Teambuilding for small team of 10 and less players - 1,5 - 2 hours

  • 19 holes of black light adventure mini golf

  • 200Kc credit for arcade games

  • free use of billiard and table games

  • interactive photo booth Magic Mirror

Small groups can take advantage of nearby location of several great restaurants: steakhouse Jama, Serial Burger, pizzerie Kmotra or vegetarian Estrella or opt for the catering service.


Send us an email to and we will discuss details, variations, budget and prepare a teambuilding offer just for you.

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