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Stag party in Prague – yeah, baby, I’m coming!

Stag party in Prague sounds like an amazing idea, right? And it is indeed: gorgeous ladies, delicious beer, amazing food and tons of entertainment.


You didn't come to Prague to drink Corona, did you? Stick to the best and taste as many Czech beers as you can until you find the perfect one.

Local favorites are unfiltered beer and beer from tank. You can taste those for example in the Lokal pubs. Visit the beer museum and sample everything.

Visit many of the microbreweries in Prague: U Fleku, Novomestsky pivovar, U tri ruzi, Strahov or Narodni.

As for other liquors - Absinthe is the #1 to try. It may knock you out completely and you will see green fairies or it will be a beginning of a great night you won't remember. Either way you should put it on your list.



Absolutely positively go to Ambiente, Brazilian steak restaurant. It can't be really described you have to taste it one piece of meat after another. And they keep coming and coming and coming. Those of you with a sweet tooth - save spot for the ice cream covered in nuts and floating in warm chocolate dessert.

Of course Imperial will never disappoint, but it may not have enough space for a stag party. Reservations definitely required.

If you feel like testing the Czech cuisine (and you should) - U Spirku is a nice spacious restaurant. Naturally U Fleku and Kolkovka offer great Czech food and beer.


So many choices so many option so many women (many not Czech, watch out for that). This one I leave totally up to you, you know who you are :)

Fun, Games & Amusement

To keep the party going you must make sure nobody gets bored. How? Entertain them!

Escape games

Shooting Range

Mini Golf


Laser Game





Segway name it, Prague has it.

When planning stag party, combine low activities with high energy and thrilling amusement. Don't plan much for the mornings. Make sure you schedule times for food and drinks. No need to schedule downtime though, everybody will rest when they return home.

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